History of Hazrat-e  Aliasghar (P.B.U.H) of Shiraz
This  hospital , which is adorned with the beautiful name of the son of commander of karbala, was utilized in an area of 18000 square meters including main building , landscape, parking and other parts in Meshkinfam street, opposite   Homa Hotel as a pediatric Hospital in 1987. It continued its activities with adding pediatric neurology ward and reconstructive and plastic surgery and pediatric cancer wards from 1990 to 2002 and new utilization  for internal and cardiac dx was started from 2003. Also , it has continued its activities due to moving the School of Management and Information to other  place and increase of physical area and opening new internal ward with 60 beds with totally 159 beds so far. This hospital has put into operation new wards , such as internal ER, poisoning ER, CCU , ICU , Internal medicine  , psychosomatic, neurology , urology , general surgery , ENT, ophthalmology and pediatric surgery. In order to present services to patients and by supportive from Shiraz  University of Medical Sciences , it has utilized new dialysis, endoscopy, colonoscopy, CT scan , Sonography and echocardiography instruments.
Also , most tests  are conducted in the laboratory  of the hospital. Special and sub specially clinic of this hospital covers internal medicine , urology , ophthalmology , ENT, Pediatric surgery , general surgery , gynecology, GI, cardiology  and psychology .
By the ambition of charitable  a praying room and a hostel of persons accompanying patient were established in the hospital.
It is note that some treating  wards of the hospital are unique in Fars Province.
1-     Endo urology ward: With high activity and allocate the third position  in Razi Festival by professor  Amin  Sharifi.
2-       Onco urology ward: This ward has been opened recently and professor Zeighami manages it highly .
3-     Poisoning  ward : this hospital is the center of all poisonings in Fars Province.
4-     Psychosomatic ward: this hospital is the only center of this disease all around Fars  Province.
5-     Negative pressure ICU ward:  This ward covers patients  suffering from tuberculosis resistant to treatment and H1N1 influenza in  southern Iran.
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